What We Do

The Viewfinder Project uses media to help people “see life differently.” One person can make a difference. Children are often seen as too weak and immature to create change. And adults are often too jaded to consider their own ability to create change. The Viewfinder Project aims to equip children and adults alike to be change makers in their communities.

By gaining the ability to focus on what is good and beautiful in the world, hope can be fostered in people of all ages. Hope leads to creativity, and creativity leads to change. Being creative requires the ability to see what others are unable to see.

Using primarily photography and film in its various forms, participants are led through a creative learning process of defining their own ideas of beauty, creating their own art and refined picture of their world — and what it might be. They are then empowered to become change-makers in their own lives and communities.

The Viewfinder Project is currently comprised of 16-lesson plans that can be implemented by anyone who believes beauty can be found in anything. The lessons are written for students between the ages of 10-14 but can be utilized by people of any age.