The Youth Art team based in Waterloo, Iowa took the lesson Storybook to a new level. They challenged their students to draw a picture of what it meant to be a “peacemaker.” Then in pairs, they photographed each other delivering these drawings to their neighbors.

What is Beautiful

Almost everything delicious starts with an egg.

As Andrea trained to be a chef through Second Helpings culinary program, she realized how integral a simple egg is to so many recipes and the beauty that is represented in this simplicity.

The Whole Story

I learned that some people only think about one part of the story of someone else’s life, so I should learn the whole story about people.

— Emma, Youth Art Team, Waterloo

Look Deeply

Viewfinder has taught me to look at things that might not immediately catch the eye and turn it into something beautiful.

— Micah G., age 14, Oaks Academy


I learned that always being positive can affect your life, and to never make a quick judgment on a photo.

— Adeleine S., age 13, Oaks Academy